Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orange County Web Design

Today, RG Pacific is going to provide some basic web design tips to help you out. We have recently used these simple web design tips to improve one of our client’s sites, located in Orange County. Just through utilizing these easy steps, the web design on your site will improve drastically.

1) Your site needs to offer something valuable.
a. For example, our client in Orange County is offering fashion and styling services. The web design of the site is useful and interesting to visitors.

2) Allow users to navigate easily.
a. Believe it or not, being able to navigate easily determines how long a visitor stays to explore the site.
b. If you go on the site for the Orange County client, the easy navigation of their web design forces you to stay on the page longer without you even noticing.

3) Have a clean layout design.
a. The cleaner your site, the neater it looks. Try using Dreamweaver templates to help your web design. Sometimes big, flashy colors and pop-ups can be a distraction.

4) Program with pure CSS.
a. More and more web designers are using pure CSS websites. Learning minor details such as text links rollover, CSS style bulleting, and making links without underlining will improve your website.
b. The client in Orange County’s web design used to be more table-based but now he switched to pure CSS and it has definitely made a difference.

5) Minimize Clicking, page length, and load time.
a. Let there be as minimal clicks between your visitor and the information you are providing as possible. With technology nowadays, people do not like waiting for pages to load. Make sure the load time on your page is low. And even though you want to provide a lot of information on each page, try and limit each page to two screenfuls.
b. My client in Orange County has the fastest load time compared to his competitors. By removing unwanted tags and unused scripts and using Server Side Include (SSI) files allow your site to load faster.

6) Make sure your contact information or at least a link to it is on every page.
a. This is one of the most important tips of web design because you want your visitors to be able to have access to your contact information anytime, which then will turn in more revenue.

7) Ensure your web design is scalable and your browser is compatible.
a. With the latest technology, computer configurations vary and the web design of your site may not be compatible. 95% of the world’s browsers include Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla, Safari, and Google Chrome so making sure your web design is compatible is crucial.

8) Last but not least, make sure your website works and keeps on working.
a. Although it may sound obvious, checking your site is probably the most important tip of web design. Making sure everything is in place is key.
b. My client in Orange County has included a “Last Modified” link on the bottom of one of his pages in order to ensure his web design is up to date and working.

Although these tips may be redundant, they will definitely improve your site’s web design. With an improved web design, more people will be attracted; therefore, bringing in more traffic and more importantly, revenue. You can ask my client in Orange County. With the help of RG Pacific, their business has moved forward.