Monday, June 8, 2009 - will it finally give Google a run for its money??

Hey Guys,

As web marketers, the buzz the last few weeks has been about, Microsoft's new search engine that is supposed to be the "Google killer".. faster, interactive, and will not only allow you to search, but help you make "decisions". The magic behind is that MSN knows that when a user enters a search quiery, they usually do not find what they want. brings all related search options to you at once, which is supposed to save you time and help you find what you are exactly looking for (for example, you search for Cherrios info.. and it gives you both company info, where to buy, company stock info, and so on).

A cool example is when you are trying to find, for example, Laker tickets. Not only does bring you natural search results, but also gives you actions that can be taken from the search. You want tickets? It gives you the link. You need merchandise? it gives you a link. You need News or Videos? Links are there. Basically, it organizes the world surrounding your keyword search for you. saves you time and makes it a more complete search, rather than Google's direct and simple search. Quite impressive and, in today's age of impatience with users, a great advantage over competitors.

Now, will it totally turn me away from Google? Not so fast! MSN has built a solid engine that is taking in the more regular use of Social Media. I was quite impressed with it and feel they have a good product on their hands. But, what MSN lacks is brand reliability, and people will remain loyal to Google for quite sometime. Google controls so much of the internet, and internet tools like Youtube, Flickr, etc., so it will take a long time for MSN to build that kind of brand loyalty. But, I am quite sure Google is plowing forward and will try its best to not only mirror the new interface, but try to improve it.

At long last, Google has some real competition, which should make the world of search engines much better, faster, and more reliable for all of us!