Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SEO and Social Media

As the world becomes more and more familiar with SEO, Social Media is now becoming the new story in attracting business to a product or service. Now, what is the key difference between the two? It turns out they are both very similar and can serve as a very successful tandem to your online success.

Social Media Marketing focuses on social networks and communities to get the word out. Popular websites like Facebook.com, Myspace.com, Linkedin.com, and others are the most discussed in the social media world and are what most businesses turn to due to the large audience each website commands. Having a web presence in these websites allows a seller to reach out to the social network audience by building their own friends list, submitting blog posts, and making announcements about their product/service.
Naturally, a smart business will find their right niche for their product depending on the demographic and audience they are targeting. For this purpose, many sellers create blogs and spread their RSS feeds to relevant networks that have become popular social mediums themselves, like twitter.com and digg.com. The goal is to reach these set audiences where their makeup and location is known, therefore making it easier for a seller to reach them.

SEO Marketing works by focusing on implementing a keyword scheme in a website in order for it to be found on the world's most popular search engines. Thus, the same methods can be applied to any blog or page built within any of these networks. The key, again, is to find an audience and determine how they can find you. Using keywords, categories, and meta tags, you can position yourself to shine in any of these forums.

YouTube.com is, I think, the ultimate example of Social Media. Video is now the new medium for many websites looking for an edge, and the ability to add title tags, meta tags, and a description to a video allows for the ultimate optimization option. Youtube also offers the ability to post videos on websites and other social networks by simply copying and implementing code they provide for you. This tool, along with the millions who can potentially view your video on any given day, make for a very successful combination of social media, SEO, and viral marketing at its best.

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