Monday, March 17, 2008

The Power of Google Local Business Ad Center

Hello my friends,

Hope business is going well for you all. Now, I do understand that marketing on the internet is both a breathtaking and new experience for many experienced business owners and entrepreneurs. It can only take days for your marketing budget to skyrocket, with no results or ways to generate business on a nearby horizon. Programs like banner advertising, which is really expensive, gives you no real proven success. Google Adwords is a positive tool, but depending on your market, is really expensive. And, ofcourse, there is good ol' SEO. Problem with SEO is it can take months, if not years, for your site to rank high in your market, and thats if your are efficient, and sometimes, even lucky.

Well, there is an answer! Google has had a little secret for smart marketers that gives them first page exposure almost instantly. For businesses in the retail, restaurant, and service sectors, Google Local Business Ad Center can help tremendously. With this feature, you can list your business location and website for free, even multiple locations, and it can instantly place you in the first page of local searches that meet your criteria, in your area! Lets say you own a chinese restaurant in santa monica, ca. With the Google Local Ad Center, web surfers anywhere in the vicinity who search for chinese food can find you on the first page search, under "local results", which are right smack on the top of the search findings index page!
And if you are a smart marketer and take advantage of its other features like "ratings", a higher satisfaction rating by google users means even more exposure to your site listing and a better chance of you staying on the first page, and better business referrals.

The Google Local Business Ad Center is free, and trust me, its efficient. For my line of work, which is Internet Marketing and Web Design, competition is fierce. Especially in Los Angeles. But this tool allows me to help my SEO and search visibility instantly.

There are tricks to get multiple listings using this feature, but a gentleman never tells! Im sure you can figure out its advantages and uses.

Getting the ad approved is easy. When you create a new listing, verification is instant! It calls your business number directly so that you can verify it by phone. Once you verify, its automatically uploaded and usually takes 48 hours, at the most, to appear in the search listings. Remember to add as many categories as possible for your listings to appear, usually 5 is the max so take advantage. The more exposure, the better.

Let me know if this works for you, and trust me, free is always great!! Take advantage of it right away. Yahoo is offering a similar feature, but you have to pay to take advantage of all the widgets that come with it. But trust me, Yahoo is years away from being as effective as this lil' tool Google has.

Go out there and use it, and make your site visible now!!!