Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Usefulness of the Title Tag for your Web Pages

Your website is your pride and joy. although the layout and site design may be legit and to your liking, making people find your pages and giving them an identity of their own is the next step. The title tag is the single most important tag on your website. Aside from your site URL, the title tag is the strongest SEO tag you have at your disposal.

Many websites and businesses do not know this, and it hurts. Businesses in very competitive markets and with non-relation business names need to be distinct in the type of viewer they want to attract. Alot of websites I see place their business name on the title tag, which most of the time, is irrelevant and makes them appear no where. For example, a business for sport jackets named "Arnolds" with the business name on the title tag does not work. Therefore, a proper title tag would be: "Sport Jackets for sale by Arnolds".

Some smart businesses that know how to use their title tag use it to market other areas of their services. For example, if Arnold's sells sport jackets and jewelry, they would mention the word "jewelry" in the title tag.
Remember that the same rule goes towards other web pages on your site, or secondary pages. Always use words that best relate to the content on your page for an easy find by your site visitors.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

RG Pacific welcomes you to our SEO and Web Design & Development blog!

Hello my friends! Thanks so much for stopping by to our new blog. My name is Ray Galan and I am the owner of RG Pacific, a web marketing and development company in Los Angeles.
I have extensive knowledge in web development as well as marketing, so feel free to ask questions about any topics I cover or maybe certain questions you have regarding your journey in the World Wide Web business arena. My friends, I feel the internet is so interwined now with new trends such as Viral Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Web 2.0. So it is my goal to teach you survival methods to keep you ahead of the curve and possible roadblocks that block our path to better business online!